Bingham Robotics Team Needs Your Help


The new Bingham Robotics Team is looking for business sponsors and mentors in our community to help make next year’s robot successful.  If you have a business, a background or just an interest in any of the following fields, the team could use your help: engineering, programming, electronics, shop equipment for fabricating parts and marketing and event give-aways.  

Jordan District was extremely helpful with funding last year in order to get the team up and running.  The team is now looking for sponsors for this fall to hep fund the robot as well as to help cover competition and travel fees. 

The students in the class/club are entirely responsible for the design, programming and build of a robot to compete against other teams in the January competition.  However, students need experts to bounce ideas off and specialty equipment for altering or fabricating parts.  The Bingham rookie team successfully built a functioning robot and competed against some amazing treams from all over the western US, Mexico and even China. 

If you are interested in helping out the team as either a sponsor or mentor or you have access to specialty equipment please contact one of the team coaches:

[email protected]          [email protected]