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2013 Jack Mannion (1955)

2013 Jack Mannion (1955)

2013    JACK MANNION (1955)

Educator, administrator, coach, and civic leader

Physical Education, Sociology, Health, Communications, and Driver’s Education teacher and coach in the Clark County (Las Vegas), Nevada School district

Dean of Students of Southern Nevada Vocational School

Administrator at Chaparral High School (1983-1993)

The “Jack Mannion Football Field and Track Complex” at Chaparral High School was named in his honor

The Jack and Terry Mannion Middle School was named in honor of Jack and his wife, Terry.

Member of the Clark County Recreation Advisory Commission and the national anti-drug program, “Say No to Drugs and Violence”

He has inspired many as an athletic motivational speaker


Jack Mannion was born in Copperfield and grew up in Copperton, both towns in Bingham Canyon. He attended Bingham High School when it was located in Copperton and graduated in 1955. He loved his years at Bingham High and participated in many activities including being the President of the Safety Council. He especially loved sports where he was the starting center on the basketball team and was also starter on the football team. He was named to the All-State Basketball team in 1954. He listed in the 1955 yearbook that his main ambition was to make the grades so that he could play basketball. After graduating from Bingham High, Mr. Mannion attended the University of Utah and BYU. He earned his bachelor’s degree from BYU in 1961 with a major in Physical Education and a minor in Sociology. He also earned his master’s degree at BYU with a major in Physical Education and Administration. After his graduation from BYU, he secured a job as a physical education teacher in the Clark County (Las Vegas) Nevada School District. He taught P.E., sociology, communications, health, and driver education at Jim Bridger Junior High, Rancho High School, and Valley High School. During his time at these schools, he coached basketball, tennis, cross country, and track. In 1978 he became a school administrator. He was named Dean of Students at the Southern Nevada Vocational School in 1982 and in 1983 he was appointed as an administrator at Chaparral High School where he served until his retirement in 1993. In the Las Vegas area, his contributions and achievements to education and athletics are legendary. He was honored in 1998 when they named the football field at Chaparral High School the “Jack Mannion Football Field and Track Complex” and later when the Clark County School District named a middle school the Jack and Terry Mannion Middle School after Jack and his wife.  In addition, Mr. Mannion has been heavily involved in service to his community and church. He has been involved in the Boy Scouts, community sports programs, as a member of the Clark County Recreation Advisory Commission, the national anti-drug program “Say No to Drugs and Violence,” and as an athletic motivational speaker. He has served a number of service missions for the LDS Church and is currently a LDS temple worker.  Mr. Mannion married Terry Rae Bulloch in 1957 and he and Terry have three sons, John, Pace and Greg, who were all honor students in high school and attended college on athletic scholarships…John at BYU for football, Pace at the University of Utah for basketball, and Greg at BYU and Cal State Fullerton for baseball. He has eight grandchildren and four great granddaughters.

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2013 Jack Mannion (1955)