• Happy New Year to all Bingham Miners!

2020 Alumni Foundation Scholarships

The Bingham Alumni Foundation announced its scholarship award winners for the Class of 2020.  The following 10 seniors received scholarships of $1,500 each:

Student Name                   Scholarship Won

Michael Stepan                       Cal Crump

Cody White                              Class of 1968

Adrienne Thomas                   Hogan Insurance

Kendel Woodburn                  Hogan Insurance

Aubree Berrett                        Howard Schmidt

Kelsey Warner                        Audio Enhancement

Hailey Jones                            Yvonne Cardwell

Camery Hibbert                      Beard Family

Sarah Beuning                         BHS Alumni

Clarissa Richins                      BHS Memorial

Congratulations to these outstanding Miners and best wishes on your college studies.   Thanks go to all the Bingham Alumni and friends who helped to make these scholarships possible.  This program would not be possible without your generous support.  

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2020 Alumni Foundation Scholarships