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2012 Chuck and Tanya Shoemaker


Chuck served as the President Bingham High Booster Club for 7 years and Tanya served as Assistant President during that time

Their selfless service included catering food for sports dinners and banquets, faculty luncheons and barbeques, school assemblies and special needs student luaus, as well as countless other school activities

They managed the concession stands for sports events and supported the fundraising activities of numerous organizations

Their support of Bingham was done with the hope that it would make Bingham’s good programs better, a great school more excellent and the students’ experiences more valuable

Chuck has managed fitness clubs, worked as a pharmaceutical representative, a national sales trainer and a commercial painter

Tanya has worked as a student housing residential manager, commercial property manager and an international sales and consumer service agent for United Airlines.

Each year, at the annual Candlelight Christmas Program, a person is honored who has contributed outstanding service to Bingham High School. At this year’s program, held on December 19 and 20, 2012, Dennis Edmonds and Chuck and Tanya Schumaker were honored for their service.
Chuck and Tanya Schumaker both grew up travelling the world. Chuck is from a military family and enjoyed living in Utah, Florida, Texas and 11 years in Germany. Tanya’s parents were teachers and she spent her childhood in Utah, California, Virginia, Washington, Connecticut, Hawaii and 5 years in American Samoa. Chuck graduated from Davis High and Tanya from Clearfield High. They first met while Chuck was working at the ZCMI store in the Layton Hills Mall. Chuck helped Tanya ring up a purchase and was able to get her phone number from a coworker who just happened to be Tanya’s neighbor. They became friends while attending Brigham Young University. During the summer of 1980, they kept running into each other at the Cougareat. Six months later they were married in Salt Lake City. Chuck graduated from Weber State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, Psychology and Ethnic Studies. He has managed Fitness Clubs in the Salt Lake and Orem areas, has become a Pharmaceutical Rep and National Sales Trainer, and commercial painter. Tanya was an on-campus Student Housing Residential Manager and then a Commercial Property Manager for properties in Ogden, Salt Lake, Provo, and Wyoming. For the past 19 years, she has been an International Sales and Customer Service agent for United Airlines. She and her family share their Polynesian culture through a performing and catering business.
The Schumakers moved to the South Jordan area in 1990 and first became involved with Bingham through the football and wrestling programs in which their children were involved. They had a great time attending the games and matches. After learning that there was a need for a Booster Club President and wanting to become more involved with the school, Chuck asked to fill the position. Then it all just happened. Activities too numerous to count would all soon benefit from Chuck and Tanya’s unselfish service. They did it all because they hoped it would make Bingham’s good programs better, a great school more excellent, and the students’ experiences here more valuable. The thing that they love the most about Bingham High is the wonderful staff and faculty! Over the past seven years, they have seen the long hours of dedication and mentoring provided for the students. Six of their seven children have attended Bingham High and five are graduates. During this time, they have been happy to be part of our school and to give back. For their long hours of service and dedication, we awarded to Chuck and Tanya Schumaker the 2012 Candle light Service Award.

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2012 Chuck and Tanya Shoemaker