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You are the Best of Bingham

Miner Magic….Selected stories of Miner Miracles

Coach Joey Sato then spoke on the spirit and traditions of Bingham High School.  He compared the headlines written by the newspapers after bingham won its last state baseball championship.  One headline proclaimed that a “Miner Miracle” had made possible the championship, and the other stated that “Miner Magic” had won the title for Bingham.  He explained why only the latter headline had described the feat correctly:  Each time we win a state title, which are many, in many different areas, the newpapaer headlines always seem to scream, “Miner Miracle!”  Tha’s all well and good and we can enjoy and deserve the headline, but as a long time Bingham Miner, having witnessed success after success by our students here at Bingha, I am here to tell you it is not miracle, It is a product of “Miner Magic.”  No other place has it; no other place can aquire it.  it was in the schools in the canyon, and it is here at the school in the valley.  It is the product of the type of culture we have and we promote here at Bingham High School.  It is a product of long time tradtions; the legacy left behind by students, teachers, advisors, and coaches, and the the careful continuation of those things by the incredible, dedicated people still here at the school.  At Bingham HIgh “Miner Magic” occurs on a daily basis.  Each day many bingham Miners find “Miner Magic” in success or excellence in many areas.

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You are the Best of Bingham
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