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The official site of Bingham High School Alumni & Friends -- Then, Now, Always 1908 - 2024

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The official site of Bingham High School Alumni & Friends -- Then, Now, Always  1908 - 2024

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The official site of Bingham High School Alumni & Friends -- Then, Now, Always  1908 - 2024

Miner Details

Pay Dirt Club

Bingham High School Hall of Fame

In the early days of Bingham Canyon, who struck it rich was said to have struck pay dirt.  Those miners would take a mule, shovel, pick and dynamite along with a drill bit and double jack and work hundreds of hours drilling, blasting and shoveling.  With a combination of hard work and little bit of luck a miner might find a rich vein of gold silver of copper ore.  This was “dirt” that paid him money or pay dirt.  Striking pay dirt symbolizes a successful miner.  Because of this, Bingham High School’s Hall of Fame is called the Pay Dirt Club.   

1976 IVY BAKER PRIEST (1924) Treasurer of the United States under Dwight D. Eisenhower and State of California Treasurer under Ronald Reagan
1976 AVERY MASTERS (1933)  Military, colonel, served at the United States Pentagon
1976 ANDREW CONTRATTO (1925)  Medical doctor, heart specialist in Massachusetts
1976 LENORE RICHARDS (1935)   Medical doctor, one of Utah’s first women surgeons
1977 IVOR PICKERING (1935) Mining Executive, Vice President of Kennecott Copper
1977 PETER PITCHOS (1931) Law Enforcement, Sheriff of Los Angeles County, California
1978 THEROS “TED” SPEROS (1934) Businessman, manager and owner of Lamb’s Café in Salt Lake
1978 GEORGE SLUGA (1960) Educator, history teacher and coach at Bingham High
1979 DENNIS NICHOLS (1963) Health care provider, acclaimed organist, and pianist
1980 VIRGINIA HARRIS McDONALD (1934) Educator, Bingham High dance teacher, and Minerette advisor
1980 MITCHELL MELICH (1929) Lawyer and politician, Utah State Senator, Republican candidate for governor of Utah in 1964, and solicitor in the US Department of Interior.
1981 HAROLD CHESLER (1929) Businessman, manager of the Princess Theater in Bingham, owner of Salt Lake Theatre Candy Distribution Company
1981 PEARL MILNER WAGSTAFF (1960)  Creative artist, dance instructor, and educator
1982 NICHOLAS VIDALAKIS (1946)   Businessman, owner and operator of the Family Center Malls
1983 JOHN L. MATTHEWS (1950)  Educator, administrator and high school principal, military officer, adjutant general of the Utah National Guard
1983 BRUCE HARDY (1974)  Athlete, professional football player for the Miami Dolphins
1984 RUSSELL SUMNICHT (1934)  Dentist, commanding officer of military dental clinics, president of International Men’s Clubs
1984 KENNETH SHULSEN (1960)  State corrections administrator, warden of the Utah State Prison System
1985 WILLIAM R. BOREN (1947)   Educator, administrator, superintendent of Weber County School District, Utah State Office of Education administrator.
1985 FRED ROBERTS (1978)  Athlete, professional basketball player for the NBA
1986 JIMMY BROWN (1944)   Businessman, founder and co-owner of Stevens and Brown Sports stores,
1986 FARLEY GERBER (1978)  Athlete, won the NCAA National Steeple Chase Championship served on the National Sporting Goods Board of Directors
1987 DELMAR SCHICK (1944)  Educator and administrator, teacher and coach at Bingham High, Principal of Hillcrest High
1987 DR. NED BROWN (1949)  Social worker, earned PhD in social work, co-founded a drug and alcohol rehabilitation hospital
1988 ELLEN VIDALAKIS FURGIS (1944)  Businesswoman, extensive civic involvement, and service.
1988 JOHN KNUDSEN (1947) Doctor of Dentistry, extensive work with civic organizations, and community service
1989 WILLIAM DALE CRUMP (1949)  Doctor of Dentistry, school board member, service with civic organizations, author
1989 ALTA MILLER (1922)  Educator and administrator, vice-president of the National Association of Child Educators
1990 OLE HERVILLA (1928)  Businessman, owner and operator of the Little River (California) Inn and Resort
1990 MARION DUNN (1941)  Journalist, renowned sportswriter for local newspapers, and president of the National Football Writers of America
1990 J. CAL CRUMP (1947)  Educator, coach, counselor, and vocational coordinator at Bingham High
1991 BRENT OVERSON (1968)   Politician, Utah State Senate & Chief Assessor of Salt Lake County, Salt Lake County Commission
1991 GRANT PULLAN (1953)  Educator, administrator, assistant superintendent of Jordan School District
1992 CLEO GROVES RILEY (1942)  Educator, Wyoming Teacher of the Year
1993 NANETTE SANTISTEVAN NOBLE (1952)  Educator, First woman Assistant Superintendent of Schools for the Jordan School District
1994 GORDON RUSSELL LOVELESS (1942)  Businessman and mechanical engineer, executive vice president, chairman, and managing director of Chicago Bridge & Iron
1994 ANN PACHINA SLATTERY (1946)  Athlete, nationally acclaimed bowler
1995 RICHARD DOTSON (1960)  Educator, college professor at Southern Utah State University, 1993-1994 Professor of the Year
1995 JOHN ANDERSEN (1942)  Industrial engineer, journalist for U.S. Mining Co. and Varian Associates
1996 GEORGE ADDY (1944)  Educator, BYU history professor, author
1997  JOHN GORIS (1956) Civil engineer, U.S. Bureau of Mines researcher, selected US Mines Federal Engineer of the year
1997 D TOM LOVAT (1957)  Educator, coach, professional football coach for the Green Bay Packers.
1998 DENNY SIMKINS CARLISLE (1952)   Educator and administrator, principal of Bingham High (1986-1994)
1998 LINDA LONG SANDSTROM (1960)   Educator and administrator, principal of Alta and Hillcrest High Schools
1999 NORMA NICHOLS (1928)  Extensive community service, served on Primary General Board for the LDS Church, originator of the LDS CTR (Choose the Right) ring, , helped found BHS Alumni Foundation
1999 TOM JAMES (1956)  Businessman, President of Asset Deployment, Inc. of Southern California
2000 JOAN BEARD THOMPSON (1952) Lawyer and judge, one of first women to be a  U.S. Federal Administrative Court judge
2000 ANTHONY “TONY” J. MONTOYA (1940)  Social worker, promoted causes for senior citizens, wrote book, Hands Across New York, worked with groups concerned with  service for the aged
2001 NED MILLER (1950)  Businessman, CEO of long term health care facilities in California
2001 NORBERT MARTINEZ (1958)  Businessman, originator and owner of Mama Maria’s Mexican food products
2002 DENISE PARKER (1992) Athlete, won a bronze medal in Women’s Archery at the 1988 Olympic games in Korea and a silver medal in the 1992 Olympic games in Spain
2002 GREG NEWBOLD (1985)  Artist, illustrator, nationally acclaimed graphic artist
2003 VICTOR ROBLEZ (1946)  Structural engineer, principal partner of major structural engineering firm, involved in design of many major buildings in Utah and across the nation
2003 HARRY PAPPASIDERIS (1958)   Electrical engineer and businessman, launched a number of revolutionary printing products while working at Xerox
2004 SCOTT CRUMP (1970) Educator, Bingham High history teacher, 2004 Utah Teacher of the Year, historian, and author
2004 GEORGE DIMAS (1947)   Social worker, originator of Hughes Act of 1970, which recognized alcoholism as a disease
2005 WAYNE RAY (1946) Social worker, YMCA work, wrote a health and fitness column for Portland’s Oregonian Newspaper and dubbed Portland’s “Father of Fitness”
2005 RICHARD “DICK” PETERSON (1942)  Educator, science teacher, and Utah State Office of  Education administrator
2006 GEORGE LENDARIS (1970) Doctor and physical therapist, pioneer in sports medicine
2006 JAMES PRIGMORE (1961) Musician and composer of more than 500 compositions, and musical director of the Pioneer Memorial Theater
2007 MARK KOURIS (1979) Lawyer and judge, Utah State Court judge, assistant attorney general, assistant federal defender, and deputy district attorney
2007 ROBERT COWDELL (1948) Miner and electrician, Kennecott Copper electrical supervisor, city councilman, and extensive community service
2007 THOMAS BROWN (1948)  Educator, professor of French and Italian at BYU, chairman of Honors Program, and author of numerous textbooks
2008 RANDY BRINKERHOFF (1964)  Businessman, city councilman and school board member.
2008 REID TATEOKA (1972)  Lawyer, civic leader, and mission president
2009 MARILYN RICHARDS (1968)  Educator and administrator, principal of South Jordan Middle and Jordan High Schools and Jordan School District School Board member.
2009 JOHN SALTAS (1972)  Journalist, founder, editor and publisher of Salt Lake City Weekly newspaper.
2010 MICHAEL BELL (1972)   Lawyer and military officer.
2011 JUNE HOLMES GARRITY (1946) Journalist, writer, designer and editor of corporate news magazines including Kennecott’s Kennescope.
2011 GARY L. HATCH (1982)  Educator and administrator, professor of English at BYU, chief reader of national AP English test, director of BYU Honors Program, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Education
2012 SHERMAN MARGETTS (1971)   Businessman, civic leader, and mission president.
2013 ROBYN HILL BERGSTROM (1973)   Educator, professor of communications, and dean of the College Business and Communication at BYU-Idaho
2013 JACK MANNION (1955)   Educator, coach, and administrator in the Clark County (Las Vegas), Nevada School district and civic leader
2014 CRAIG BURTON (1969) Businessman, real estate developer, civic leader and mission president
2014 CARMEN FREEMAN (1972) Accountant, Jordan School District Board member, Mayor of Herriman City and civic leader
2015 CLAUDIA PARRY ANDERSON (1965) Inventor, international businesswoman, Mayor of Bluffdale City, civic leader, and founder of educational foundation and school to teach deaf children to talk
2015 JOEL SATO (1974) Educator, coach and athletic director at Bingham High School, Utah Coach of the Year, and member of the National High School Baseball Coaches Hall of Fame
2016 DAVID L. GOURLEY (1970) Educator, school administrator, principal of Taylorsville High School, and Granite School District assistant superintendent
2016 REBECCA CHAVEZ HOUCK (1978) Journalist, non-profit organization administrator, civic leader, community activist, politician, and member of the Utah State House of Representatives
 2017  JAMES MARGETTS (1985)  Educator, college dean, and musician
 2017  ROBIN PILCHER (1970)  Firefighter, paramedic and first responder
2018 CLAY BUTTERFIELD (1967) Educator at Bingham High, rancher and farmer
2019 GARY AND DEANNE BILLS CURTIS (1963 & 1965) Miner (Gary)  High school administrative assistant in the Jordan School District (Deanne)