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2018 Alumni Foundation Scholarships

BHS Alumni Foundation Scholarships 2018

The Bingham High Alumni Foundation presented 13 scholarships to graduating seniors of the Class of 2018 during its annual Scholarship Awards Night held in the Bingham High School Library on May 15, 2018.  The following seniors received a $1500 scholarship in the name of the person or group listed just before  their name:

Beard Family – Nathan Cox

Cal Crump – Spencer Harrison

George Lendaris – Jaida Middleton

Yvonne Cardwell – Callie Avondet

Claudia Perry-Audio Enhancement – Rachel Feldman

Hogan Financial Services – Camille Eddington

Hogan Financial Services – Kallie Brown

Class of 65 – James Christensen

Class of 65 – John Christensen

Class of 68 – Brenden Ballard

Class of 72 – Jonathan Spallino

BHS Memorial (in memory of outstanding BHS Students who have died before graduation or soon thereafter)– Max Roberts

Scholarship night was a great success.  Board Members and scholarship sponsors read a few of the many accomplishments of each scholarship winner and then presented him/her with a check for $750 (the other $750 will be given after the students finish their first semester of college) and copies of the Bingham High history books.  Each scholarship recipient then was asked to make some remarks.  Light refreshments were served after the awards ceremony.   The Alumni Foundation wants to thank all alumni members who helped to make these scholarships possible.  Contributions of over $20,000 were received this past year to fund scholarships for these outstanding Bingham seniors who will be proud Bingham Alumni in June. 

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2018 Alumni Foundation Scholarships